A lot has already been written about the virtues of hanging clothes up to dry. It saves a lot of money. I did this for months when my dryer broke a few years ago.

An old friend once told me that dryers make clothes wear out faster. It is better to hang them up.  So, I tried. 

I have been paying off a bankruptcy for 3 and a half years, for most of that time, our clothing budget was zero. We got yardsale items, and the occasional item for a dollar on a big box clearance rack.

And because I hung most underwear up to dry, it lasted. I also hung up jeans, leggings,  and any top with a printed graphic on it. You really can extended the life of clothing by skipping the dryer.


thoughts on materialism

This was the first year that my spouse and I didn’t struggle at the holidays. He said we would spoil the grandkids like crazy. But the grands have many people buying for them. The avalanche of gifts is overwhelming and birthdays aren’t far behind. So even though we had money to overindulge,  we just didn’t. 

We bought a few small toys, a few clothing items, a few books and dvds. We didn’t get anything big or expensive. No one will have to struggle to find room for what we bought.

For other relatives, gifting seemed to center around food and drink gifts. Here we bought quality over quantity. 

And here are my money saving secrets: 

I bought a lot of books at dollar tree. They were brand new and covered teen literature to new york best selling authors.

I usually buy a few jewelry items from the wish app for a buck each. Order 6 weeks in advance,  and quality varies widely from an item arriving broken to awesome. 

barbecue chicken

I slow cooked 4 chicken breasts and an onion for 6 hours, drained the water, shredded the chicken and mixed in the barbecue sauce and honey. I forgot to save the chicken stock for other recipes.

I skipped bread and enjoyed it with some beans. I’ve been watching specials on PBS about nutrition.  Several shows recommended beans/fiber as a way to.lose weight and lower cholesterol. We have enough to enjoy for several meals.

Cook once, and eat 5 times is one of my mottos. I will freeze the leftovers for easy “frozen dinners”, instead of buying them at the grocery store. 

I adore simple days

I woke up in a good mood. The weather is mild, my coffee is robust. I have no obligations and no time clock to punch or swipe or scan. We have a crockpot full of chicken that is so tender it is falling apart. I’m going to add barbecue sauce to it later.

Here are some random thoughts on saving money:

1. We eat almost all of our meals at home, and take our lunches to work. 

2. I open a window instead of turning on the AC,  especially in December. 

3. We keep our entertainment costs simple. My spouse is on vacation for 2 weeks, so we got a free month of Netflix. We will cancel it before the month is up. In July,  when he’s off again, we usually get a free trial of HBO. 

4. We cut the cord with our cable subscriber. We opted for a sling tv package for 40 dollars per month. The hubs has to have his sports channels.

I have a number in my head of the amount of money that we need to save before I can quit working in the gulag. And every bill that we reduce or eliminate gets me closer to that goal.

5. I haven’t shopped after Christmas sales for several years. If I don’t have the cash,  I stay home.

6. We don’t use credit cards, ever.

7. We render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, and to God, what is God’s. 

8. I occasionally run an extra cup of water through coffee grounds to get another cup of coffee. Old coffee can be made into to go cold coffee drinks.

9. I sprinkle a little ginger coffee for flavor and for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

Have a great day.

I’m quite obssessed…

…with quitting my soul sucking, youth stealing, no way out but the madhouse job. I hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns about to go supernova.

I have no other obvious marketable skills. I am so burned out on dealing with John Q Public. I am so very tired.  

I find myself,  at year’s end and on the cusp of turning 50. I need to reinvent myself and find out who I am without  the toxic occupation. I need to gain financial freedom, and losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt. 

This blog is an attempt to document the next year as I hope to make all this happen. 

I will hold myself accountable,  and let the creative process begin again. Here’s to the journey.