I adore simple days

I woke up in a good mood. The weather is mild, my coffee is robust. I have no obligations and no time clock to punch or swipe or scan. We have a crockpot full of chicken that is so tender it is falling apart. I’m going to add barbecue sauce to it later.

Here are some random thoughts on saving money:

1. We eat almost all of our meals at home, and take our lunches to work. 

2. I open a window instead of turning on the AC,  especially in December. 

3. We keep our entertainment costs simple. My spouse is on vacation for 2 weeks, so we got a free month of Netflix. We will cancel it before the month is up. In July,  when he’s off again, we usually get a free trial of HBO. 

4. We cut the cord with our cable subscriber. We opted for a sling tv package for 40 dollars per month. The hubs has to have his sports channels.

I have a number in my head of the amount of money that we need to save before I can quit working in the gulag. And every bill that we reduce or eliminate gets me closer to that goal.

5. I haven’t shopped after Christmas sales for several years. If I don’t have the cash,  I stay home.

6. We don’t use credit cards, ever.

7. We render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, and to God, what is God’s. 

8. I occasionally run an extra cup of water through coffee grounds to get another cup of coffee. Old coffee can be made into to go cold coffee drinks.

9. I sprinkle a little ginger into.my coffee for flavor and for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

Have a great day.


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