thoughts on materialism

This was the first year that my spouse and I didn’t struggle at the holidays. He said we would spoil the grandkids like crazy. But the grands have many people buying for them. The avalanche of gifts is overwhelming and birthdays aren’t far behind. So even though we had money to overindulge,  we just didn’t. 

We bought a few small toys, a few clothing items, a few books and dvds. We didn’t get anything big or expensive. No one will have to struggle to find room for what we bought.

For other relatives, gifting seemed to center around food and drink gifts. Here we bought quality over quantity. 

And here are my money saving secrets: 

I bought a lot of books at dollar tree. They were brand new and covered teen literature to new york best selling authors.

I usually buy a few jewelry items from the wish app for a buck each. Order 6 weeks in advance,  and quality varies widely from an item arriving broken to awesome. 


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