Dinner from the crockpot

My spouse’s work shuts down twice a year, usually over the holidays and July. We planned ahead, we put back a little extra cash. Our fridge was stocked with some essentials. And then at church,  our pastor told us about a local family who had fallen on very hard times. One parent had a cancer diagnosis, the other was on disability,  and their children had gone without Christmas. 

My spouse, who is usually a curmudgeon about such things,  wrote a check from our grocery budget. I am grateful that we had a chance to help. I am also grateful for our health, our home, and the fact that we had plenty to eat even without grocery shopping for two weeks.

Earlier this week I filled a crockpot with veggies that were about to go bad, some beef and quinoa. It was delicious. I don’t usually cook with a plan. I like to take what’s on hand and adapt and improvise. Not every dish is a winner, but most are. Today I’m making navy beans in one crockpot. I soaked them for a few hours and then I will cook them slowly overnight. I added some sweet and spicy Sriracha sauce. 

In the other crockpot I am cooking chicken legs and veggies mixed with Italian seasoning. I plan on sprinkling crushed croutons on top when it’s done.



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