Free stuff

As we’ve been paying down a bankruptcy for the last 3 years,  our budget for clothing, furniture, home maintenance etc has been practically zero. We have turned reduce, recycle, reuse into an art form. We let friends and family know that we love anything that they’re getting rid of. In return, we give thanks, help out when we can, and pass on what we can’t use.

I’ve painted my house with paint that was rescued from the dumpster. I wear items received from the “free” portion of a yardsale. I’m sitting on a couch that was handed down from my folks. I have a playroom for the grand kids furnished entirely with hand me downs and yardsale items.

My spouse crafted a toddler bed from recycled wood. We reused a mattress from a crib. I painted it with recycled paint. The only thing we bought was some hardware. My sister gave me some dolls that her kids had outgrown,  and I dressed them in yardsale finds. You get the idea.


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