We had our first crisis.

We had an ice storm last night. Hubs skidded on some black ice and hit a median on the way home. The radiator was damaged and the car lost heat. He was freezing and had to stop every few miles to cool the engine. It took him 2 and 1/2 hours to drive 25 miles. His employer threatened to fire any employee who left early to get home safely. Hubs says he’s looking for another job.

I prayed for his safe return and prayed for God to help us get the car repaired. God is really teaching us to count on him. I texted our pastor. He came over, offered advice, and took hubs to the store for parts. He even bought us some antifreeze. 

All of my life, I looked to myself first to solve my problems. I didn’t think I was supposed to bother God with the small stuff. As I move closer to my retirement date, worry and I pray. I have faith in God, and I know he will show me his will. It’s scary. It’s exciting. Let’s do this.


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