freedompop, and not quite cutting the cord

I came across a commercial for free to cheap cellphone service called freedompop. And while we’re under contract for a few more years, it’s nice to know that cheap and free alternatives are out there. I have a spare mobile device that I just might give it a go on.

We live rurally on patch of woods, surrounded by mountains. We love watching wildlife in the front yard and having peace and quiet. The down side is we pay more for utilities and services. We can’t shop around for Internet. There is one provider, period. We had satellite Internet and canceled it because the speeds were slow, and the data caps made using it nonexistent. 

We have fiddled with our cable plan for a few months, trying to find a way to watch what we want without paying too much. Sling tv is out because our Internet is slow and clunky. We tried eliminating local channels to save $120 per year, but hubs wants to watch football. We tried a medium priced antenna $50, to capture local channels but the aforementioned mountains blocked most channels. 

Dish has been reasonable to work with and here’s what we figured out. You can turn dish services off for $5 per month and leave the hardware in place. We can save over $400 annually by switching it off for non-football months, March to August. We have roku, free and we’ll substitute with Netflix $10 per month March through August.  So with trial and error, we can save almost a house payment on an annual basis! The financial geek in me loves finding savings like this. 

Why not unplug? Hubs enjoys his football and puts in long work weeks. We don’t eat out, go to movies or shop recreationally. I keep the grandkids at least once a week and they take over the tv when they come. (PBS on roku was a hit this week.) I enjoy some noise in the evening when hubs is gone to work. 

I hope this inspires some to folks to save.


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