minimalism, a documentary

I just got through watching this on Netflix and it was an hour of my time well spent. My spouse and I are minimalist in nature by circumstance. I have been in bankruptcy for 3.5 years working a job that I hate, all the while digging myself out from years of financial mismanagement and poor relationship choices. My spouse spent a similar amount of time in prison recovering from a life of grief and addiction.

When he moved in, all he had in the world fit into half of a suitcase and a plastic tub. He was starting from scratch,  I was trying to start over for the last time. For 2 years we lived solely on my income, minus my wages being garnished. Those were tough years. We learned how to make do, and do without. 

Now we’re headed back into a one income lifestyle. The documentary has inspired me to embrace minimalism as my future and not as the unfortunate consequences of our pasts. The road ahead is exciting, I can’t wait. 


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