I had an interview yesterday

Man plans and God laughs. That’s a saying dear to my heart when things don’t go quite the way I expected. The spouse and I both pray to do God’s will, and we find that doors open remarkably quickly when the timing is right in HIS eyes. I was trolling indeed.com and found a position one day a week, making almost exactly what we need to get by. And I interviewed for the position almost immediately. (Law requires me to work so many hours annually to maintain my lisence.) The interviewer had a firm handshake and it felt like a positive experience. 

My spouse has decided that he’s ready to spread his wings and look for better job opportunities. 

Hubs and I are both trying to spend more time with God as we go about our days. He listens to a radio program on his way home from work in the morning. We try and read our bibles open daily.

I made a huge batch of turkey chilli yesterday. 

More later


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