God please fix my cell phone

My phone is acting like the battery is dying a slow death. It will appear charged one minute and then continually turn itself off. I have cleared off all nonessential apps. And yes, I prayed for God to fix it. I’ve prayed for God to fix our car, our washing machine and the leak in our refrigerator. I routinely ask God to bless our legal and financial issues. Smooth transitions in life take prayer, hard work and good stewardship. 

This reminds me of a testimony that my kids’ grandmother once gave about her refrigerator. It quit working and she was very poor. She had her sons haul it out to the porch, no one could afford a replacement. So Granny prayed for God to intervene. Now she was a woman of great faith, there was no running an extension cord out to the porch to see if her prayers were answered. She had her sons haul it back in the house.  They plugged it in, and it worked for another 5 years. 

Now my refrigerator still leaks, but just barely. My washing machine will have a bad week, but with prayer it will start working again. And our only car’s check engine light came back on, time to pray.


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