The psychology of retirement

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the psychology of retirement as it unfolds for me. I recently read a great reddit article, (sorry no link), about how one person dealt with the boredom that ensued for him and how he developed coping strategies for staying relevant and engaged with society. 

Being semi retired at 50 is similar to winning the lottery. You can’t share your joy to much or you get accused of bragging. It’s better to be humble, understated and occasionally amusing. I landed a part time job that helps me keep my professional lisence,  but I wouldn’t dare discuss my dream gig on Facebook. The old adage that misery loves company holds true. If you’re to happy, people don’t want to hear about it. 

My body is still adjusting to sleeping at night and being awake when the sun is shining. Only a few times have I bounded out of bed, eager and motivated to start my day. I struggle with motivation,  I want to make this time in my life count. I don’t want to waste it.

It’s nice not to be frustrated. I have time to clean, and to read and write. I take days off. I cook and have the energy to experiment in the kitchen. Note to self, the summer squash thing is awful. I am trying to develop new routines for exercise and meditation. I’m cracking the bible open more often, moseying through the new testament and absorbing the truths therein. 

I work one day a week, and we’re at church on Sunday. We keep the grandkids at least once per week. Hubs is home 3 nights per week, so it’s really only 4 evenings per week that I’m alone. We have 6 furry companions that keep me company all the time. I am content, happy, peace and still getting used to not being stressed out all of the time.


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