The psychology of retirement part 2

So I just quit my second job in 2 weeks. The clinic practices were sketchy, there was no sunlight,  and I felt like the lone Indian to 2 chiefs. Apparently I have a very low tolerance for crappe or micromanagement. There were some serious liability issues at stake.

I am relieved not to have to go back. 

Hubs just wants me to.make a decision and stick  to it. He wants off of the roller coaster of anxiety. We’re very close, so my trials and trevails are his as well. Part of me is still winded up very tight,  not daring to relax. Part of me wants something to angst over.

One Good thing to come out of sketchy job was an renewed interest in weight loss and fitness. I’m experimenting with fasting and motivation (self hypnosis). I also gave up alcohol and sugar for lent.


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