mid February

So to recap the last few weeks, I quit/retired 3 weeks ahead of schedule and we took a hit of about $1000. I had hub ‘ s support and I felt like I was leaving on God’s time as well. Hub ‘ s work wasn’t panning out with extra shifts or advancement opportunities so I casually started looking around for extra work. I mean here we are with one car, what are the chances that I would find something that fit our needs and.my stress level? I sent off one resume on indeed, prayed about it, and got a reply almost immediately. I can’t make this up.

The job is one day a week, extremely low stress, fits in with our transportation limitations and will be just enough to cover our current budget needs. Whoa. God provides. 

Hubs is in the process of applying for a better paying position. He has a preemployement physical coming up next week. Hubs had a regular doc appointment and found out that his cholesterol was extremely high. He’s taking it seriously and we’re adjusting our diet accordingly. We’re saying goodbye to powdered hazelnut creamer and hello to salads and salmon. 

His flex card wasn’t working so we paid about $100 out of pocket for his medicine. He’s also missing 2 days of work to apply for this new position, another $200 loss. So how are we adjusting to this immediate shortfall? Not bad actually, not bad at all. God provides. 

2 bills were put off for 30 days. Our electric bill was the lowest January bill we had ever had. The freezer and cabinets are relatively full. And by being frugal and good stewards, we have enough money to cover the basics. 🙂


Curiosity stream

In my quest for quality entertainment on the cheap, I came across this service. It’s a streaming documentary app. It’s also available as a roku channel. Their current offers include a 30 day free trial, and service as low as $2.99 per month.

I haven’t tried them out yet, but this looks like a great alternative or in addition to netflix. Hubs and I both like documentaries. So you could get Netflix as low as $7.99 and curiosity stream for $2.99. That’s the kind of price that I like to pay that doesn’t break the budget.

vegetable soup

I Googled a recipe for cabbage soup, because I needed to cook up a cabbage. I kept coming up with vegetable soup recipes instead. So I started with a crockpot half full of chopped cabbage. I added the usual culprits,  onion and garlic and onion soup mix with filtered water. A few hours later I chucked in some canned tomatoes, green beans and corn. A few hours later, I added more water, chicken bullion and rice. Then I added quinoa.  I ended up with a crockpot overflowing with vegetable soup, so much in fact I’m pawning it off on people. 

I had an interview yesterday

Man plans and God laughs. That’s a saying dear to my heart when things don’t go quite the way I expected. The spouse and I both pray to do God’s will, and we find that doors open remarkably quickly when the timing is right in HIS eyes. I was trolling indeed.com and found a position one day a week, making almost exactly what we need to get by. And I interviewed for the position almost immediately. (Law requires me to work so many hours annually to maintain my lisence.) The interviewer had a firm handshake and it felt like a positive experience. 

My spouse has decided that he’s ready to spread his wings and look for better job opportunities. 

Hubs and I are both trying to spend more time with God as we go about our days. He listens to a radio program on his way home from work in the morning. We try and read our bibles open daily.

I made a huge batch of turkey chilli yesterday. 

More later

quitting work with $2 in savings

I’m going to make this quick, I wanted to get a post done before hubs takes the car for work. I have worked my last shift. 

On Sunday,  my daughter needed to borrow some money to cover a bill. We wrote her a check for the last $100 we had in savings. That same night I went  to work and it was just awful. I talked it over with my spouse and I expedited my notice. I was then told that as a result of this, I couldn’t be rehired. To recap my 24 hours:

1. No money in savings

2. I quit an unsafe job.

3. I was told that I could never come back.

God’s in control and his timing is perfect. I’m at the point in my faith where I just chuckle along with him. On Monday night I went to revival, which just *happens* to be taking place right down the road from me. I’m so thankful for all of his blessings,  including a spouse that supports me.

Saving money on the electric bill

We work very hard for our money, and I like to make our money work hard for us. Here are a few things we’ve done to stretch the budget over the last few years. 

We live in the semi rural south. Our central heating and cooling system is old and very inefficient. We went without AC for 2 years in the summer and just ran fans. This saved us about $100 per month,  which freed up some money to pay down debt. Our electric bill rarely got over $125 in summer or winter. We unplugged everything. There is such a thing as phantom load. If you leave things like small appliances and chargers plugged in, it can cost up to 75 cents per day each. That adds up really fast. 

We practice zone heating and cooling. We now have 2 window AC units, we leave parts of the house closed off and run the unit if needed for the room we’re in. We heat with small, newer ceramic heaters. We are mindful of safety features and keep batteries in the fire alarms. And if it’s 50 to 80 outside, most of the time we’re not running a heater or ac inside. We dress for the temperature. 

Running the stove also uses ac lot of energy and heats up the house in the hot months. We invested in a toaster oven for summer cooking,  and of course we use the crockpot. 

We don’t use the dishwasher and occasionally hang up laundry to dry. We use led bulbs.